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World Table Tennis Champ. World Snooker Championship 2021: World Men's Curling . I am expecting one of those regions to be hit with this elephant. But do we know what this data says about us?" Campaigns Content. Predictive World also got press coverage on multiple top-tier mainstream and specialized medias (The Next Web, Wired, Prosthetic Knowledge, Konbini, etc. "From online purchases to Facebook likes, we create 2.5 billion gigabytes of data every single day. Websites. World Women's Curling Champ. Predictive World and WATCH_DOGS 2 are strong reminders that in today’s ultra-connected world, the systematic collection and processing of private data on a massive scale marks a new step in an era of rising surveillance and might represent a threat to personal freedom. The website, created by Stink Studios, explains this. A compilation of some of our most recent fashion & beauty work. World Men's Curling Champ. View the case study. be all. All of them shown as if I was staring at a radar. Madrid Open / Men's Singles 2021: Ice Hockey World Cha. reads the introduction. For contact details visit Stink Films or Stink Studios… Calvin Klein be one. DOOH/Experiential. Rebooting an iconic fragrance. Monte Carlo Masters 2021: World Snooker Champi. Branding. just be. / Men's Singles 2021: Monte Carlo Masters. WORLD PREDICTIONS: 10-7-20 “Tabasco prepare yourself” is a reference to either Avery Island Louisiana or Tabasco Mexico. Predictive World was made available on a website for the EMEA area. Go to site. It passed the million visits mark in the first 10 days, with a staggering average of 5 minutes spent exploring the predictions. Adidas Pogba Capsule Collection. Apps. Stink Studios Fashion & Beauty Showreel. Stink Studios Creative studio for a digital-first world. Content. ). 2021: Madrid Open / Men's . 2021: World Women's Curlin. A social content launch film for the debut capsule collection from adidas and Paul Pogba. Ice Hockey World Champ. The site, called Predictive World, can apparently predict each user's future based on their social media presence. Products. View the case study. 2021: Giro d'Italia. VR/360. WORLD PREDICTIONS 8-20-20 I had a visual of three hurricanes. Campaigns. View the case study.

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