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First things first, you need to download the Galaxy Watch app on your iPhone from the App Store. Force Quit. Connecting your Galaxy Watch to your iPhone is quite simple. I know this isn't sub for ios stuff but Buds are simply the best wireless earbuds right now (not those "pieceofshit" airpods). And as that's where you can access the EQ for the buds, anyone on iOS does not have access to those features unlike Android. The Galaxy Wearable app manages the wearable devices and gear series to phone. Fix Galaxy Buds Not Connecting to Wearables app Troubleshoot Wearable App. Once you open the Galaxy Watch app on your iPhone, click on a pair a new device and select your model, just remember to turn ON your Bluetooth before you start. 1. The app's description makes it clear this app will be required to use the Galaxy Buds+ with an iPhone 7 or newer that's running iOS 10 or later. There are two ways to do this. This is usually recommended to fix minor app bugs. Galaxy Wearable app for iOS (for buds) Question. Download Galaxy Wearable apk for Android. Galaxy Wearable app is only available on andorid,while according to your website, it's name is galaxy watch for IOS, but the thing is that only supports the watch not including the galaxy buds. Here are almost 200 of the absolute BEST Black Friday deals available However, there are limitations with what you can do with the Galaxy Active when it's connected to an iPhone, rather than a Samsung Galaxy … The below steps are shown with a Galaxy device perspective but the steps are almost similar for all the other devices. 1 year ago. Galaxy Watch app on iOS. Galaxy Wearable es una aplicación que nos permitirá vincular, a través del sistema Bluetooth, nuestros relojes inteligentes Samsung, u otros wearables de la marca Samsung con nuestro dispositivo móvil. I would like to use the EQ feature but I can't since it's android only thing. Discover Samsung apps, exclusive gaming apps, and personalization tools just for Galaxy users. Galaxy Store is an apps store made for Samsung devices. The Galaxy Active will connect via Bluetooth and you'll need the Samsung Galaxy Watch app. There is no news of the Samsung Wearable app coming to iOS. Could you solve it or update the app to make the ios user the same experience ?

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